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RLSuite is a software suite for accessing and analyzing R-loop mapping data. It includes:

  1. RLPipes: a CLI interface for upstream processing of R-loop datasets. (View)
  2. RLSeq: an R package for downstream analysis of R-loop data. (View)
  3. RLBase: an R-loop database and web server for exploring standardized R-loop data sets. (View).
  4. RLHub: an R package that facilitates access to the RLBase data store. (View).


For any questions or issues which arise when using RLSuite please contact the maintainer (Henry Miller).


If using RLSuite in your work, please consider citing the following:

  • Miller HE, Montemayor D, Li J, Levy SA, Pawar R, Hartono S, Sharma K, Frost B, Chedin D, Bishop AJR. Exploration and analysis of R-loop mapping data with RLBase. bioRxiv; doi:
  • Miller HE, Montemayor D, Abdul J, Vines A, Levy SA, Hartono S, Sharma K, Frost B, Chedin D, Bishop AJR. Quality-controlled R-loop meta-analysis reveals the characteristics of R-Loop consensus regions. bioRxiv;doi:
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